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Be more confident with your English.

Learn with a native teacher you can trust to guide and support you in this journey. Develop new skills, practice and achieve your goals by making a new friend all from the comfort of your own home. 

Our English Lessons

Hear from our student Daniela:

I had a really good experience with Sunny English! 😍 A team of young, native teachers whose personalised lessons are real English conversations. All their teachers are really kind and helpful! I really connected with Miss Leti ☺️

Adult lessons and courses:

Tailored material means it will never be boring and you will improve. You can book 1-hour lessons or shorter depending on your needs and... you can invite your friends! We offer individual and group lessons.

Online meeting


For your first four lessons, we offer a 10% discount. These tailored lessons will be prepared by our teachers to match your interests, English level and goals! Get a taste of what you can achieve.

4 lessons, from 87€

Online Learning


For those wanting to improve their fluency and confidence, these English conversation lessons are perfect. Each one covers a different topic (from travelling to food) and will get you talking.

8 lessons, 208€

Happy Student


Whether you need to start from zero or revise your English, this course will be designed to reach your language goals. Each lesson will be tailored to your interests and level with a 10% discount.

10 lessons, from 216€

Male Student


Ten lessons to help you prepare for the First, CAE, IELTS and TOEFL exams. This course covers listening, speaking, reading and writing practice. Packed with useful language, grammar and structures to help you pass the exams!

10 lessons, 300€

Business Owner


Would you like to practise your English conversation skills and confidence? These calls will teach you real-life English while encouraging you to develop fluency. Each lesson is 20 minutes and takes place on WhatsApp!

10 lessons, 80€

Business meeting in a cafe


This program covers all the points of formal communication: from writing professional emails to business phone calls. Useful for those who need to communicate properly in English with managers or companies.

10 lessons, 300€

Book your free trial:

We will contact you shortly to schedule a call with one of our teachers, who will answer your questions, assess your English and recommend the best-suited programme. 

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