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Teach your children to love English.

Encourage your children to love other languages, countries and cultures by introducing them to a native teacher you can trust. Invest in the future of your children by broadening their horizons and showing them what they can accomplish!

Behind the scenes with Sofia:

The thing I love the most about this experience is that Sofia is really involved in her lessons. She spends her week talking about Miss Hannah and the words she is learning. To her it is almost a game and I think this is great! Children should learn by having fun, it's the most important thing.

Children lessons and courses:

Our teachers will prepare tailored material to encourage your children to have fun, be themselves, and develop confidence. We offer shorter lessons for young learners and they can bring a friend! Teach them to love English.

Mother and Daughter


For your first lessons, we offer a 10% discount. These tailored lessons will be prepared by our teachers to match your interests, English level and goals! What are you waiting for? Get a taste of what you can achieve.

4 lessons, from 36€

Remote Learning


One-hour long lessons with our lovely teachers to expose your children to English, to encourage them to speak in English and be confident! For all ages and levels.

8 lessons, 208€

Study Night


Whether you need to start from zero, revise your English or achieve confidence, this course is designed to help you reach your language goals. These lessons come with a 10% discount that you can apply time... and time again!

10 lessons, from 90€

Children Studying Alphabet


Ten lessons to teach your kids phonetical sounds. These lessons are designed to teach younger kids how to recognize and blend sounds and read simple words!

10 lessons, 300€


GROUP LESSONS (tailored)

Is there a friend, cousin, or classmate you would like to practice with? We offer group lessons with our teachers so that you can have fun while learning a new language together! With our customary 10% discount.

4/10 lessons

Online Education


For the PET, KET and First, this course was designed by a Cambridge Examiner. Target language, grammar and exam practice to pass the exams!

10 lessons, 300€

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We will contact you shortly to schedule a call with one of our teachers, who will answer your questions, assess your English and recommend the best-suited programme. 

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