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Better English in 5 hours: a crash course

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If you’re looking for a FAST and EASY way to improve your English skills, look no further! You will be able to speak more fluently and with confidence in no time (actually, in 5 hours). Why is our course so easy to follow? Our course is divided into 5 chapters, each chapter contains smaller steps that will take you up to 15 minutes each. They are packed with useful information, exercises, mini quizzes and a final test. You will also be invited to join a student area where you can ask questions and our teachers will answer! This means that you can take the course and learn English anywhere and anytime, while you commute to work or sunbathe at the beach! 👀Easy format 🔥Rich content 🇬🇧Designed by an experienced native teacher ⏱Self-paced learning The best thing about this course? If you feel like your English didn't improve, we will pay you back. What are you waiting for? ✅ Improve in only five hours ✅ Learn about English sounds, accents and colloquial language ✅ Improve your pronunciation, comprehension and REAL English skills Join our Sunny students and start speaking confidently!





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