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At Sunny English Learning Centre, we're a family in the real sense of the word. As teachers, but also mother and daughters, we share the same values and principles that make Sunny English so great. It is true: Sunny English is more than a mere school and here is why.

We all come from different academic backgrounds, which range from education to sociology and psychology, sharing one factor: people. Because of our experiences and knowledge, we are able to create a more  interactive  and flexible way of learning. 

We strongly believe that all students have the capacity to learn languages, especially when younger, in their own unique way. For this reason, our first commitment is to understand how our students see the world, understand and memorise things. This way, we can tailor our material to their needs to ensure they truly learn. Our role as educators is to nurture their natural abilities and help them grow!

Sunny English Team


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Miss Lucy

My name is Lucy, I have been teaching for 30 years! I'm also a Cambridge Examiner and art enthusiast. I believe that letting children experiment and explore creatively is important for their development and confidence.

Miss Leti

Hi! I'm Letizia, my background is in Sociology: I believe in creating a safe environment where children can be themselves! I have taught in the U.K., Italy, South Korea and Hong Kong, where I learnt to appreciate the value of after-school activities!

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Miss Rebi

I'm Rebecca, a Psychology major and teacher that loves working with children. I have a good understanding of children's development and believe in nurturing their language skills early. My motto is: be kind! 

Miss Sofi
Italian Teacher

Hello! I'm Sofia, I'm a cultural mediator and international Italian language formator for foreign speakers. I am passionate about foreign cultures and I believe that the key to a deep understanding of culture comes from language. I offer interesting and creative Italian classes!

Miss Giada

Hi! I'm Giada and I work behind the scenes of Sunny English. I believe in the importance of creating an inclusive space in the educational system, promoting diversity as a value, and always putting first the educational and human needs of every student.

New English Teacher joining us soon!


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