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A family business:

Sunny English was founded by two sisters, Miss Leti and Miss Rebi, whose wish was to offer this immersive experience to everyone, everywhere by going online. Our young and dynamic team is here to support you and your family, to help you broaden your horizons and chase your dreams.

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Meet your future teachers.

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Miss Safia

Hi! I’m Safia, I am a Human Rights Law graduate from the U.K. I am really passionate about languages and I have learnt many firsthand: so far, I know seven! This aids me when teaching English. I hope to see you soon!


Miss Leti

Hi! I'm Letizia, my background is in Sociology: I believe in creating a safe environment where students can be themselves! I have taught in the U.K., Italy, South Korea and Hong Kong, where I learnt to appreciate the value of after-school activities.

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Miss Rebi

Hey! I'm Rebecca, a Psychology major and teacher that loves working with children. I have a good understanding of children's development and believe in nurturing their language skills early. My motto is: be kind! 


Miss Sofi

Hello! I'm Sofia, I'm a cultural mediator and international Italian language formator. I am passionate about foreign cultures and I believe that the key to a deep understanding comes from language. I offer interesting and creative English and Italian classes!


Miss Lia

Hello, I’m Lia! I'm bilingual English and Italian, and I studied Intercultural and Interlinguistic Mediation at University. I have been teaching English since the age of 16, becoming increasingly passionate about working with children. I enjoy creating a fun environment for my students and hopefully... you!

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Miss Hannah

Hi everyone! I’m Hannah, an International Studies major and a language enthusiast from the States. I believe in being a global citizen and using language to connect to the wider world. I am dedicated to fostering a positive learning environment and I’m so excited to meet you!


Miss Heulwen

Hi, I'm Heulwen (my name is Welsh and it is pronounced 'hi-ler-when'). I'm a Psychology Major and I'm particularly interested in language development. Because of this, I love teaching young learners and seeing first-hand their wonderful minds in action. I also teach B1-B2 learners, see you soon!


Anna, Customer Service Rep

Hey! I'm Anna, I'm Italian and I'm graduated in Interlinguistic and Intercultural Mediation. I'm Sunny's Customer Service specialist! You'll be talking to me when you reach us on WhatsApp and on our website. I'll try to meet your needs when scheduling your classes... so you can count on me!


Miss Ella 

Hello! I'm Ella from the United States and my background is in linguistics and performing arts. I am passionate about travel and currently live in Southern Spain where I am working as an English teacher. Let's learn together! 

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Miss Chiara

Hey! I’m Chiara and I’m originally from Scotland. I studied Liberal Arts at University where I kept my love for English literature alive by studying Shakespeare. I hope to inspire the same in you and be able to teach you more about the diversity and scope of the English language.

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Miss Laura

Hi there! My name is Laura. I am from England and have a background in arts, culture, and education. I have seen how language can be a gateway to experiencing another culture. I love teaching and learning with all ages, and hope to create sessions that are relaxed and fun while reaching the goals you want to achieve!

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