Meet our lovely team!

All our teachers are mother-tongue and have extensive experience teaching in a number of countries... who best to teach you English?


Feeling shy? Don't be! We aim to create a safe, judgement-free environment where our students can experiment and practise. 

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Miss Lucy

My name is Lucy, I have been teaching for 30 years! I'm also a Cambridge Examiner and art enthusiast. I believe that letting children experiment and explore creatively is important for their development and confidence.

Miss Leti

Hi! I'm Letizia, my background is in Sociology: I believe in creating a safe environment where students can be themselves! I have taught in the U.K., Italy, South Korea and Hong Kong, where I learnt to appreciate the value of after-school activities.

Miss Rebi

Hey! I'm Rebecca, a Psychology major and teacher that loves working with children. I have a good understanding of children's development and believe in nurturing their language skills early. My motto is: be kind! 

Miss Sofi
Italian Teacher

Hello! I'm Sofia, I'm a cultural mediator and international Italian language formator. I am passionate about foreign cultures and I believe that the key to a deep understanding comes from language. I offer interesting and creative Italian classes!

Miss Aly

Hiya! I'm Miss Aly, an English writer/teacher, cultural anthropologist, and digital marketer from the States. I'm passionate about the power of languages to help facilitate learning and broaden horizons for people of all backgrounds... I can't wait to meet you! 

Miss Hannah

Hi everyone! I’m Hannah, an International Studies major and a language enthusiast from the States. I believe in being a global citizen and using language to connect to the wider world. I am dedicated to fostering a positive learning environment and I’m so excited to meet you!

Miss Heulwen

Hi, I'm Heulwen (my name is Welsh and it is pronounced 'hi-ler-when'). I'm a Psychology Major and I'm particularly interested in language development. Because of this, I love teaching young learners and seeing first-hand their wonderful minds in action. I also teach B1-B2 learners, see you soon!

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